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  • What is DSPLife?
    DSPLife started as a small WhatsApp group in 2018 for SME Logistics business owners to network and share knowledge. In 2024 we have 100+ active members and growing! We aim to connect to last and middle mile logistics industry in the UK and have a global presence by 2026!
  • What kind of logistics companies are in DSPLife?
    Our network of SME companies range from £100,000 to almost £10,000,000 in turn over. The network specialises in last and middle mile logistics.
  • Who can join DSPLife?
    Unfortunately not everyone can join DSPLife. We are a very close community and have a strict interview process to join. Contact us for more information.
  • Does DSPLife make a profit from my subscription fee?
    We charge a very small fee starting from £9.99 a month so we can fund one full time staff to help develop the community and the services we provide. We do not aim to make a profit. The more the community grows the more we can invest back into the services we offer!
  • Where will DSPLife be by 2026?
    We aim to grow our network of businesses internationally by 2026 and offer loads of great new value added services!
  • How can we get involved with DSPLife?
    We would love to hear from any end user and large logistics companies about regular round table discussions with DSPLife representatives! Together we can make the industry a better place.
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